Account Alerts & Text Banking

Account Alerts

Set up eAlerts to monitor balances, transactions and activity on your account. Finding out you have a low balance may even help you avoid overdraft fees!

Receive an email or text notification on activity like these and more:

  • Balance alerts (If your available balance falls below or reaches an amount you selected.)
  • Transaction alerts (When withdrawals or deposits over a specified amount are made.)
  • Security Alerts (If your password, email address or other personal information has been changed.) 

Enroll in eAlerts under the Services tab of Online Banking. After you enter your email address and/or cell phone information, you'll select Add Alert to choose the alerts you would like to receive.

You may also enroll in a more condensed version of eAlerts through our PHCU mobile app. You must enroll in Text Banking (also located in our app) before you can set up condensed alerts through PHCU's mobile app.

Alerts are sent hourly from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information or if you need assistance enrolling, please call 803-978-2101 option 5.

Text Banking

Access your account balances and transaction history through the ease of text messaging. Internet access on your mobile device is NOT required for Text Banking, and you can register up to three (3) devices per member number.

To enroll in Text Banking from our PHCU App, simply login to Mobile Banking from your mobile device and select the Text Banking option on the bottom of the menu.

If you don't have a smart phone or tablet, you may enroll in Text Banking by clicking on the link below and following these instructions:

     1.  From our PHCU mobile site select Mobile Banking 
     2.  Enter your Online Banking username and password
     3.  Once you are logged in, select option 6 (Text Banking)
     4.  Follow the instructions to register your phone.

Text Banking link for non-smartphones

Once you have registered your mobile device for Text Banking, simply text the following codes to 86020:

86020- PHCU Text Banking Number

B - View all account balances attached to your member number

H - Obtain transaction history for all accounts attached to your member number

H (plus account prefix) - Provides account transaction history for the specific account ID entered behind the “H” code. For example, H S001 provides history for your savings account. H L001 will provide history information for loan 001.

MENU -  Provides you a list of all transaction codes accessible through Text Banking

STOP -  Allows you to disable Text Banking from that particular mobile device


    There's two smart phones- one above the other. The top phone's screen shows an example of what Mobile Alerts look like. The bottom picture shows an example of Text Banking.